I am a licensed clinical psychologist. I have been working in psychology and health care in various professional roles since the mid-1980’s. I now have a general practice in which I enjoy seeing a variety of clients. My training and experience includes several well-established therapeutic approaches. While I tailor therapy to individual client needs, my overall approach is collaborative and strengths based. Often, we can work together to improve coping and reduce stress in a relatively short period of time. I also work with clients on longer-standing emotional, cognitive and behavioral patterns when appropriate and find that this can build resiliency and prevent future problems. Frequently my work with clients focuses on increasing self-awareness, self-esteem, and emotional self-regulation, reducing anxiety and depressive symptoms, addressing relationship concerns or facilitating adaptation to life changes. I respect each client’s values and spiritual beliefs and make room in therapy for their inclusion. While I enjoy seeing a broad range of people, I have, over the course of my career, developed some special interests. These interests include the life-span health and development of women and periods of life transition generally, for both men and women. I am particularly interested in how interpersonal relationships change for people as they move through development from adolescence to adulthood and again at midlife.